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Gastric Sleeve Surgery – What Are the Benefits and Possible Side Effects?

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If you or someone you know has been considering gastric bypass surgery, you may have been hearing horror stories about the risks of the procedure. Some say it’s as bad as going in for breast augmentation. But the truth is that the benefits far outnumber the risks. In this article I’ll explain what the surgery can do for you.

It’s true that patients recovering from gastric sleeve Dubai surgery typically need to eat a significantly reduced amount of food after the procedure. But this reduction isn’t permanent. Most patients find that within a year or two they’re back to their normal eating habits. So is gastric bypass surgery right for me?

To answer that question, you first need to understand that gastric bypass surgery does offer some benefits. It allows patients to loose a significant amount of weight, as much as 100 pounds. It also allows patients to avoid many of the complications and problems associated with typical bariatric procedures, such as gallstones, cholestasis and hysterectomy. As these benefits become more widely known, many patients are asking if gastric sleeve surgery offers any benefits other than those already mentioned. Read on to find out.

The biggest benefit of gastric bypass surgery or elipse balloon Dubai, according to some studies, is weight loss. In fact, for most patients, the surgery reduces their weight by several hundred pounds. Patients may experience some side effects, such as diarrhea or blood in the urine. But overall, these patients experience a dramatic weight loss and a return to healthy, regular eating.

Another of the gastric bypass benefits is a quicker weight loss. Most patients lose between one to two years from the time of surgery, according to some studies. Some patients may even lose three years or more, according to one study. The average weight loss over this period is roughly four pounds per month. Because it eliminates most of the stomach, the amount of food that can be eaten is significantly less, allowing patients to lose weight faster.

Of course, one of the biggest questions surrounding gastric bypass surgery is whether it has any serious side effects. The procedure is performed only on the inner portion of the stomach, so most people would not consider it a ‘serious’ surgical procedure. The surgery also does not have a major effect on the rest of the digestive tract. So long as the patient adheres to all of the doctor’s instructions, there is very little chance of developing complications. In fact, on the rare occasion that complications do arise, they are usually mild and easily resolved.