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Massage therapy-Different types & healing process

Massage therapy-Different types & healing process

Sports massage is a type of therapeutic massage that is becoming popular among athletes, professional players, and weekend warriors. If you’ve ever tried sports massage services before, you’ve probably begun with the standard Swedish massage technique. Swedish massage focuses on a specific area of the body, relieving pain and improving blood flow. This type of treatment should be used with caution in certain populations. Before you try it out, you need to know the main types of sports massage therapy in Dubai and the different types of risks and benefits associated with each one.

Types of massage therapy

Swedish massage- Benefits:

The first, and possibly the most common, type of sports massage therapy is the Swedish technique. The Swedish is also known as a “rapid massage” technique because the strokes are performed in quick, coordinated movements. If you’ve ever experienced a Swedish massage, you’ll know that it releases physical and mental stress, reduces pain, and improves blood flow. It also increases the circulation of the lymph fluid and increases the oxygenation of the blood.

Deep massage- Benefits:

The second common sports massage therapy is deep tissue or infrared sports massage. This technique targets the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues, releasing chronic pain, restoring flexibility, increasing muscle strength, and relieving stiffness and pain. In addition to these benefits, this technique is great for recovery after an injury.

Power sports-massage therapy- Benefits:

The third is the deep tissue power sports massage therapy. It’s often used after an injury or after thorough muscle training to reduce soreness and to help the body recover faster. This type of therapy helps prevent future injuries by reducing pain and helping muscles to heal at a faster rate. Some of the benefits include reducing soreness and pain, promoting recovery, and preventing damage to tendons and ligaments.

Therapeutic massage- benefits:

Another excellent technique used in sports massage therapy is the therapeutic massage using Visco foam rollers or air-compression foam rollers. A therapist will use these tools to gently roll the head, neck, shoulders, and other areas to help relieve pain and promote healing. These tools are especially helpful for athletes who get a lot of physical activity and use their necks and backs a lot. Sports therapists also recommend the use of hot compresses to reduce swelling and inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding injured areas. 

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