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Tips on Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey

Tips on Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey

One of the easiest ways to monitor how effective your company is at meeting its goals in terms of employee satisfaction and employee engagement is to develop and then send out the periodic employee satisfaction survey to your entire workforce to complete. Without this information, there’s no way for them to know how they’re doing or what else needs to be done. In most cases, if the results of an employee satisfaction survey show a marked decline in employee engagement, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. This means that a simple change in the way that you do things can have a profound impact on how satisfied your employees are overall.

Data should be comprehensive:

An important tip about employee satisfaction surveys is that your data needs to be comprehensive, as in scope. Don’t just collect data on how happy your employees are; ask them about everything from work commute to their social lives. You also need to consider whether the questions are time-sensitive. It would be best to ask your employees about a recent development in your industry after the survey is completed because your findings will be more relevant if the answers are timely. 

Do not make your questionnaire too long:

Another tip about employee satisfaction surveys is that it’s important not to make your questionnaire too long. Although long questionnaires are great for gathering information, they can also be tedious for the participants. Providing too much information about your employees can be viewed negatively by your employees, who will have a hard time trying to interpret all of your information. 

Include questions related to the actual job:

One of the most important things an employee satisfaction survey should include is questions related to the actual job itself. The last thing you want to do is poll your employees on subjects unrelated to their actual job duties. If you’re planning on conducting a general employee satisfaction survey, ask your participants to rate their job performance on a five-point scale ranging from “excellent” to “just adequate”. 

How satisfied are your employees feeling about their jobs?

One of the most interesting employee satisfaction survey questions you can ask is, how satisfied are your employees feeling about their jobs? Answering this question can tell you quite a bit about how your employees feel about the company and what they could do to improve it. For example, do they feel like their supervisors treat them well? Do they feel like their bosses give them instructions that they can easily understand? You can also encourage them for sales training in UAE for their betterment.