Higher education – Things to know

Higher education – Things to know

Once people are done with high school, they move forward in their student career by stepping into the world of higher education. It is the stage where you must decide as to what career you plan to take on in the future. In this modern age of science and technology, we have a vast number of options to choose from. Cryptographer, professional tour guide, artificial intelligence specialists, chocolatier are just a few ones to mention from the list of many. Once we make up our mind regarding our future career, we set out on a look for universities that offer degrees and majors in our subject of interest. Just like the rest of the world, there are also a number of affordable  universities in UAE that are competent with respect to the best and highest ranked universities all around the world. Some of the universities are mentioned below in this article.

American university in the Emirates

American university in the emirates was founded in 2006. It is located in Dubai. Computer and information technology and sports management are amongst the other majors provided by the university. The motto of American university in the emirates is “nothing is impossible”.

University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

The University of Wollongong in Dubai is a private university in Dubai. Established in 1993, the university is one of the oldest universities in the UAE. It is an extremely diverse university because it holds around 3,500 students from around 108 countries in the world. The University of Wollongong in Dubai is currently ranked in the top 2% of the universities of the whole world.

Apart from these two, there are also a lot of other universities in uae that match the international standards.

Apart from all the other majors in the world, one thing has emerged in the recent past that is a good career to adopt. That is called data science. With the passage of time, this major is getting more and more popular and a lot of universities are now offering diplomas and even proper graduate and master’s level degree. This field is purely based on mathematics. Data science primarily focuses on calculus, linear algebra and statistics. According to recent reports, data science is one of the highest paying jobs of the current time. Go here for more details.