4 Ways to Keep Dental Implants Well Maintained

4 Ways to Keep Dental Implants Well Maintained

You can keep your dental implants in great shape by following a few simple steps. Just as with your natural teeth, you can care for your dental implants in Dubai by brushing them regularly. Brushing your teeth is essential to prevent plaque buildup and should be done at least twice daily. Pay particular attention to the sides of your implants. These areas tend to collect more plaque and food particles than the rest of your teeth. You may also want to use stain-removal toothpaste to make sure that the implant looks as nice as possible.

Avoiding hard, crunchy, and chewy foods

To keep your dental implants looking their best, you should avoid eating a lot of crunchy, chewy, and hard foods. These foods will damage the dental implants and may cause them to pull away from your gums. Some of these foods include red meat, popcorn, and seeds, which can get stuck in your teeth and cause tooth decay. However, if you’re already suffering from gum disease, you should at least try to minimize your intake of these foods.

Avoiding stain-removing toothpaste

There are a few reasons to avoid stain-removing toothpaste for dental implants. First of all, some of these toothpaste have harmful abrasives that can scratch the highly polished surface of your veneers. These abrasives, sometimes marketed as “whitening toothpaste,” can damage the porcelain surface. Another reason to avoid stain-removing toothpaste for dental implants is that it can strip your new teeth of enamel. This results in yellowing dentin.

Avoiding smoking

One way to keep dental implants well maintained is to avoid smoking. Smoking prevents the Osseointegration process in the jawbone. The healing process of a dental implant depends on the gums’ ability to heal. Tobacco use hinders oral healing and increases the chances of implant rejection. Smokers are twice as likely to experience implant failure as nonsmokers. Tobacco use may also cause infection.

Avoiding alcohol

During the initial healing process of your dental implant, you should avoid consuming alcohol to prevent the onset of gum disease. Excessive consumption of alcohol can slow the osseointegration process, causing the implant to fail. Also, alcohol can cause your mouth to become dry and irritated, which is harmful to your dental implants. You can minimize the staining effects of alcohol by drinking water.